Sanur Cycling Tour To Explore Anything in Sanur

Sanur Cycling Tour is more than just going cycling around Sanur. It offers not only the natural views of beach path but also a chance to get involved with the community through witnessing the festival. Sanur cycling tour also allows you to see the most beautiful sunrises.

What does Sanur Cycling tour offers? Check out our review that includes exploring Sanur and cycling adventure.

Exploring Sanur Around

 Most Sanur Cycling Tour invites the visitors to get interacted with local people and their activities. As they cycle around Sanur, they will stop at Taman Festival which is popularly know as the ghost town. Later, the visitors will follow the guides to rid along 7 km beach path to experience Sanur’s incredible sunrises. This is a morning tour that takes around 3 to 4 hours. During cycling, they can come over the traditional morning markets and continue riding along the wonderful rice fields. That is the time when you can also visit Sanur’s own Beatles mania Cavern.

The guides will also invite you to visit and explore the local traditional markets in Intaran. You can also opt for Afternoon tour to enjoy afternoon cold drinks at some stalls during your 2-and-a-half-hour tour.

Cycling Adventure

Sanur cycling tour can be so much fun when you make it electrified. You will also have an option to go cycling to Ubud where you can witness a plenty of incredible views along the way there. Typically, Sanur cycling to Ubud starts from North of Sanur. The routes are easy. There are some points of interests that you can come over.

In this Sanur cycling adventure, you will go through the local villages where you can visit a teak plantation, a stone carving workshop and a local Balinese family home and see how they do life. The local guides are all knowledgeable. They’ll answer anything you ask.

No worry about going up the hills since your electrified bicycle will make it easier. Even if you are cycling to Ubud, you can do it pretty easily. Ubud is a wonderful place to explore from the town with Royal Palace, Puri Museum and Traditional Markets to villages with greenery views of rice fields.

Most cycling tours are suitable for all levels of fitness. This means that even you are a beginner, you can join the tour to enjoy the beauty of Bali.

In short, Sanur Cycling tour is always incredible to join. There are usually many tour packages to consider so you can go around Sanur easily. Just make sure that you have a good cycling ability and rent or even own an electric bike to cycle. During the cycling tour, there are many things to witness from the natural views to the cultural life of local people.

You can not only feel the spectacular landscape but also get involved with the community. Whenever there is a festival or ceremony, you can also join to learn the traditions dealing with how Balinese lives in a real life.

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